Hairworld 2010 was a hit! The OMC HairWorld Championships of Beauty is a highly-competitive, international competition and a unique opportunity for passionate professionals to gain international recognition. The next Hairworld will take place in 2012. The Professional Beauty Association is the proud representative to Organisation Modial Coiffure (OMC), which sponsors the OMC World Championships of Beauty. Visit for more information.

More than 800 beauty professionals from over 55 countries converged in the epicenter of Paris this November 6-8 to compete in several catagories. Here is just a sneak peek at some of the 2010 top winners from a few categories. For full results, click HERE.

Senior Gents Technical

  1. Matracki Andrzej (Poland)
  2. Fukuda Hidenori (Japan)
  3. Piotrowski Pawel (Poland)
  4. Matracki Pawel (Poland)
  5. Sato Hideki (Japan)

Individual World Supreme Champions  

  1. Jean Baptiste Santens (France) Senior Ladies Mannequin Head
  2. Hideki Sato (Japan) Senior Gents Live Model
  3. Christophe Guedada (France) Senior Gents Mannequin Head
  4. Nataliya Ilkiv (USA) Junior Ladies Mannequin Head
  5. Sébastien Bourret (France) Junior Gents Mannequin Head

Ladies And Gents Individual Results   

Ladies Bridal:

  1. Olga Provotorova (Russia)
  2. Bakyt Achtiyarova (Russia)
  3. Roman Smirnov (Russia)
  4. Guglielmo Mangili (Italy)
  5. Daniela Sperotto (Italy)

Ladies Fantasy Hairstyle:

  1. Raphael Isho (USA)
  2. Pei-Chun Liu (Taiwan)
  3. Mariya Rozental(Russia)
  4. Mario Trescec (Croatia)
  5. Rafael Mikaelyan (Armenia)

Senior Ladies Hair Extensions:

  1. Svetlana Smagina (Russia)
  2. Louise Holstad Tine (Norway)
  3. Janette Dietrich (Germany)
  4. Ekaterina Chicheryukina (Russia)
  5. Slavica Vukcevic (Montenegro)

Senior Ladies Stage Make Up:

  1. Larisa Kazmina (Russia)
  2. Darja Astakhova (Russia)
  3. Barbara Dudás (Hungary)
  4. Inna Musinscaia (Moldova)
  5. Anastasija Bielaja (Russia)

Click HERE for more winners.