“If you’re an animal, just get on the floor… I love your “cheetah” print, your “leopard” and more!”

I cut the edge of your hairline, I know you like it super short! No worries, itʼs a special piece that you will adore!

Itʼs not about the cha-cha-cha ching, itʼs about the bla-bla-bla bling!

Oh, and P.S… “do these leg warmers go with my pencil skirt?” Wait.what?

It is a true pleasure to share my three main intrigues that keep me inspired every single day! The love of Fashion, Finish and, of course, The Fabulous! Letʼs take a trip in the “Now” of these three big F”s and find out the what, why and how?

Ready… Set… “80ʼs” Anyone?

The Fashion

The phone rings in the middle of the night, my stylist says “you need to do 80ʼs right!”

“What does that mean, you know Iʼm just 21?” Oh girl… Really… Google it! LOL!

Begging, borrowing and stealing from decades past, designers across the board are visiting the experimental stylings of the 80ʻs.The originals from Gaultier, Delacroix, Westwood and kids that ripped and stitched their own brilliant designs (Hello… Pretty in Pink!) are now re-birthed by the new cutting-edge designers! Playful glamour, daring color palettes and body-hugging fabrics, the mix-and-match patterns, shoulder pads, metallic silvers and golds, and the re-visit of lycra and spandex. There are even the paint-splash patterns… which I love! This time around, however, is completely sophisticated in the finish of the full look. Mix and match – yes – but with purpose to showcase the gorgeous you! Take a vivid print dress or “neon” tone and put it with a flesh-tone pump, or even with a black-and-white “boyfriend” look with a pair of lime green crystal Lubouton pumps.

This mix-and-match styling is exciting me with each designer, taking the 80ʼs look, which many thought cheap, and now making it chic! Take a pair of leg warmers – if we look back, men and women both, with the same thin and fit body style, not only wore the same style of fashion, but the same look of hair! I need to admit, I feel a bit old, (well, lets say “seasoned”) as many of these looks remind me of my early youth when I wore a combined look of Madonna, Boy George, Prince and the Cure! Whew! That was a lot of hair spray and accessories! Oh… girls just wanna have fun!

The Finish

The edge, the edge, THE EDGE! Oh Glory!

Once worn by the club kid, punk glam, rave kid culture, the pure-toned electric color palette of vivid raw hair, along with cheetah and leopord print designs, are back in a big way! Through my world travels, I am noticing this re-birth of 80ʼs-inspired hair! In the early years, using hardcore bleaches, then overlaying it with Kool-Aid tones, and on the buzzed sides of the hair a special peek-a-boo piece that was free-hand painted to mimic animal spots! The youth of the 80ʼs really took these “super rad” colors and cuts to the extreme! However, the same illusion of strong, pure shades and architectural cut outs now, like the fashions, have purpose and technology with gorgeous, shiny, vivid hair! We take the pop culture past and make all that has been done, much, much better!

The original Cyndi Lauperʼs and Madonnaʼs, plus many more, paved the way for our new queens like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Instead of just borrowing the actual beats and video illusions of their music, why not borrow the full look of their hair and clothes? (Iʼm not a hater, Iʼm a fan! Lol!) And, why not? It worked for them as they inspired new identity to the globe. Keep the excitement with the new youth of Generation X, or are we on Y or Z now? Instead of raw bleach and  Kool-Aid… Letʼs try GOLDWELL Silk Lift and Elumen!

To create this fabulous Electric Banana:

  1. To either an isolated section or the full head, apply in a compact back-to-back foil a GOLDWELL Silk Lift formula – 35mls Silk Lift 10 vol and 1 level scoop Silk Lift Strong – to the new zone and a GOLDWELL Silk Lift formula – 35mls Silk Lift 20vol and 1 level scoop Silk Lift Strong – to the mid-shaft and ends.
  2. Process for 30 mins, re-apply a fresh mixture with 10vol to zones if needed, this will depend on the level traveling form, as well as what is on the canvas to begin with! (A note: When creating clean pure tones – the cleaner the canvas, the better the result. Uneven canvases will still look uneven when the overlay is applied.)
  3.  When lightness is achieved, rinse, shampoo and condition with Elumen Wash & Treat.
  4. Apply GOLDWELL Elumen Prepare to the lightened sections and blow dry.
  5. To dry hair, as an overall color or diffuse into the mid-shaft and ends like Gaga, apply an Electric Banana formula like 20mls Clear, 10mls YY@ALL, 1ml Gn@ALL. Process for 30 minutes with heat.
  6. Shampoo and condition with GOLDWELL Elumen Wash & Treat and apply Elumen Lock for 5 minutes.

Then Ra Ra Ahhhh Ahhhh Ahhhhh! Itʼs Cyndi Lauper!

The Fabulous

OK, the Fabulous is everything that all we do, so… the Fabulous is YOU!

I see your True Colors shing through. I see your bling hair strips, and thatʼs why I love you! In the past few blogs, I have been intrigued this year by many finishes and accessories, from glitter threads, feathers, and most recently… Bling Strips! Why not? Itʼs not messy like glitter. These strips are taking the industry like wild fire! Self adhesive peel off backs make any up-style to street-style sexy and light catching! The best part – they wonʼt fall off during your special event! Match your earrings, or your pumps, or nothing at all! Bla-bla-bla BLING!

The Face

You are beautiful in every single way! Layer your paint on today!

The look for the face – paint, paint, and more paint! Forget about the easy natural looks of summer dew.  The face fashion is liner, powder and heavy shadows and lips! If you want to start simple, try the liner-and-lash combo! Line the top, bottom, outside and inside! Coat dark blacks, navies and purples! Borrowed from 80ʻs fashion once again, many of the glam men and women would burn the tip of their liner to get that kohl pencil nice and liquid hot, then with a blow on the tip, apply right to the inside! Yup, if you donʼt believe me and your under 25, just ask you mom (or your dad! Lol!) It was the 80ʻs! Mmm Hmm! Just think, it will look great with your Electric Banana hair and your lime green Luboutonʼs! Lol!

The rhythmic thump-a-thump of a grown-up Gaga and Britney, and many combo artists, are keeping us moving through summer! I love the borrowing of past sounds made new! The one thing that makes me giggle is that all of these artists are now re-mixing and re-singing the same song! I mean really, why not just make another version? Britney with Nicki and Ke$ha? The song is already hot, to add Nicki makes sense since they are touring, and add Ke$ha since she wrote the song! Genius! It will keep you dancing ’til the world ends, world ends, world ends!

I hope that you enjoyed and I canʼt wait for you to visit again next month for another dip & a trip! I am fortunate to be able to view the world , as I am sure most of you are, a bit differently! Finding beauty in everything I see and everything I do! I crave the inspiration from the 3 Fʼs and this gives me my interpretation of what I want to put into hair! I tell myself every day “Life is not a dress rehearsal… live it , love it, create it!”


About John Simpson

John Simpson is an international platform artist for Goldwell and a salon partner at Lewis Hair Salon in Pittsburgh, PA. John’s passion is to educate stylists in all salon concepts and full beauty imagery, conveying the message of inspiration and discipline through technique. His motivational and creative teaching style encourages stylists to reclaim their passion and conquer new design fundamentals of hair color, cutting and finishing techniques. For more of John’s inspirations, visit www.johncsimpson.com. For Goldwell Academy programs and events near you, visit  www.goldwellnorthamerica.com. Also, find John on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Linkedin.