California is currently in the midst of the 45-day comment period for the Safer Consumer Product Regulations (green chemistry regulations). The days are dwindling and the September 11th due date for comments will be upon us quickly. This package is far more extensive than in the past with the release of the 200+ page Initial Statement of Reasons (ISOR). This document is critically important to review as it provides indication of why the Department chose to structure the regulatory components in the manner it did. Further, this is the first time we’ve had an opportunity to review the cost analysis of the regulations. While we’re continuing to review these lengthy documents, we imagine they will require comment as well.

With all of this said, we’re requesting PBA members to submit a comment period extension request to provide additional time for PBA and partner organization members to review and comment on not only the formal regulations, but these additional documents as well.

Click here to submit a comment.

We ask that you submit this request as soon as possible. Please CONTACT the PBA Government Affairs Team with questions or concerns.