Strategies, Salon/Spa Business Training & Coaching, recently posted a blog entitled “A humbling no-compromise decision” by Neil Ducoff recounting the inspiring story of Mississippi salon owner Lisa Cochran’s selfless decision to give the gift of life to a colleague. Lisa is preparing to donate a kidney to fellow salon owner Domenic Cicala. Here’s a sneak peek of Lisa’s touching story:

“Known by her friends and colleagues as ‘Miss Miss,’ Lisa represents the perfect balance of determination and a compassionate heart. Even so, I was taken back when I heard that Lisa had decided to donate a kidney. My first reaction was pure admiration for offering another the gift of life. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that I learned she was donating her kidney to her friend, Domenic Cicala, who was also a frequent attendee at Strategies seminars for many years. I know Domenic. He’s a hardworking business owner and always a friendly face when we connect at industry trade shows. I didn’t know he was terribly ill and that his kidneys were failing quickly.”

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