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Upgrade Your Color Business, with David Stanko

November 12, 2012

12:00pm – 1:00pm EST (11am Central, 10am Mountain, 9am Pacific)


Webinar Description:

How can you build your business, increase your ticket averages and develop lasting customer loyalty… without breaking a sweat? David Stanko explains the powerful results you can achieve through specific and customized service recommendations. Learn how to suggest service upgrades that benefit your client and increase your revenue, without interrupting your day. Serious beauty professionals will learn:

–          Strategies for making meaningful recommendations

–          Phrases and scripts that resonate with clients

–          Techniques for identifying areas of opportunity

–          How to ensure your client returns for future services

David Stanko, spokesperson for Redken 5th Avenue and successful salon colorist, shares his persuasive WORDS, his effective TECHNIQUES, and his REENFORCING closings that will build your tickets and your business.

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