Chances are your clients are coming to you, desperate for beauty relief from what seems to be the longest, hottest summer ever. Here are some easy tips via Elle that will have your clients looking and feeling their best while the temperature continues to soar.

1. Wear Sheer Makeup
It’s all going to melt off anyway—the least you can do is let your face breathe and keep pores from getting clogged! Use foundation, concealer, and/or powder sparingly. Instead, focus on your eyes and cheeks: Sweat-resistant mascara and liner paired with long-lasting cream blush works wonders.

2. Don’t Worry About Smudged Eyeliner
Rock smudgy, rimmed liner that would make Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper proud. (Ed. note: We wouldn’t recommend this look for work. Just saying.)

3. Keep Hair Off Your Neck
The side-braid might be the most popular (and overdone) summer hair trend, but it’s not conducive to 100-degree weather: Beat the heat by trying multiple hair twists or opt for a messy bun.

4. Chop Your Locks
If you’re a beauty adventuress and aren’t married to your mane, take a cue from Scarlett Johansson and get a bob. Or if you’re really daring you could get a pixie (remember, hair will always grow out!).

5. Skip The Blow-Out
Forget the frizz-factor—run a texturizing mousse through strands and let them air-dry for a sexy, tousled finish. Bonus: Damp hair will help keep you cool amid simmering summer temps.

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