The I Am A Professional. I Am Licensed. Movement continues to make waves throughout the beauty industry with its member numbers consistently rising. Industry professionals all across the U.S. are taking a stand and making it clear they want to stay informed as well as educate others on the importance of maintaining a regulated and fair industry.

This month, the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) caught up with California-based Esthetician and I AM member Lani Williams.

Why it it important to be a licensed professional?

It is essential to convey to the public (my clients/potential clients) that I have had the education and training to perform the services they come in for, safely and competently.

What would the industry look like if licenses were taken away?

We would see an exponential rise in injury and infection rates. In addition, potential lawsuits will arise out of such incidents. Anyone could call themselves an esthetician, hair stylist, nail technician, or massage therapist – and not have to provide any proof of education or training. Those individuals may charge significantly less, just to get the clientele in the door, negatively impacting the licensed professionals who invested time and money into themselves and their businesses.

My clients need to be assured that they are in the hands of someone competent- Lani Williams.

Why do you think it’s important for your clients to know you are licensed (and proud to be)?

My clients need to be assured that they are in the hands of someone competent; someone who is an expert in their field and keeps updated on current trends and laws. Their safety must be the number one priority.

What is your favorite thing about working in the beauty industry?

Being able to help people look good and feel better!

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