A four-part online training program designed to educate DSCs on everything from understanding basic hair color to industry-specific selling strategies to maximize success in the salon industry. Each module includes clear learning objectives, resources to download for future use and an assessment to test your comprehension.

Module 1: Foundation Sales Skills for DSCs

This 30-minute module focuses on how top salon consultants differentiate themselves from the average order-taker. Develop high-impact planning methods and real world goal-setting techniques that are essential skills to becoming a top salon consultant.

Module 2: Building Rapport

This 40-minute module focuses on the importance of building rapport as a salon consultant. Learn proven techniques for remembering names; effective use of preliminary pleasantries and icebreakers; solid sales starters to gain favorable attention; and other essential rapport-building tips.

Module 3: Selling the Benefits of Your Products & Services

This 30-minute module focuses on selling the benefits of your products and services. Learn ways to use features, bridges and benefits of a product; questions that check for a client’s acceptance; steps to overcoming objections; closing techniques; and other effective selling strategies.

Module 4: Hair Color Basics for DSCs

This 30-minute module focuses on the basics of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors; identifying complementary colors; how level-numbers relate to hair color; price per application; fading and lines of demarcation; and other characteristics of hair color that are important to salon clients.

The Distributor Sales Consultant Training Program was developed for PBA members only.

  • $75 per sales consultant (a $275 retail value)
  • Includes 45-day access and is available on-demand 24/7
  • Register at probeauty.learn.com

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