The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) plays an active role in the legislative process and advocates on behalf of its members for the benefit of the entire industry. Legislation at the federal and state levels, including local regulations, impacts the entire industry from large to small manufacturers and distributors to salon owners and licensed professionals.

Public health and safety and accountability are priorities of importance for PBA. Every year, new bills are introduced across the U.S. that have the potential to affect the industry, both positively and negatively. PBA keeps professionals informed and develops grassroots advocacy plans, including reaching out to legislators and governors of each state to help them understand the importance of education for the professional, health and safety for the consumer, and the impact the professional beauty industry has on the U.S and global economies.

At the time this article was written, PBA was actively tracking several state bills, including the following. If passed, these bills would negatively impact professional beauty industry and thousands of professionals:

New Hampshire HB 1265 (House Bill 1265) creates a committee to determine the appropriate level of regulation for several occupational professions, including cosmetology. If the committee finds that the regulations and licensing of the cosmetology industry are arbitrary, unnecessary, or substantially burdensome, any individual in that state would be free to practice cosmetology without a license. If this type of legislation were passed, it would set precedent for other states to follow.

Georgia SB 445 (Senate Bill 445) proposes to streamline licensing boards by creating the Board of Licensing and Regulation and reducing the authority of State Board of Cosmetology to advisory.

Kentucky HB 249 (House Bill 249) proposes the removal of the continuing education requirements for license renewal.

Vermont HB 746 (House Bill 746) defines a booth renter within a salon.

West Virginia HB 2430 (House Bill 2430) proposes to abolish the Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.

It is essential that businesses and professionals from all sectors of the industry understand and comply with the regulations and laws governing the beauty industry. PBA’s government affairs team strives to keep the industry informed and relies on the participation of professionals to help educate law makers in their states. It is only through this type of participation that grassroots advocacy is possible and results in passing or blocking legislation in the best interest of the beauty industry.

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