Representative Nick Marshall of the Missouri State Legislature has introduced House Bill 2082. HB2082 allows any person to engage in the occupation of cosmetology without a license. HB2082 is currently in the Professional Registration and Licensing committee.

Click here if you are a Missouri resident and would like to sign onto our letter OPPOSING HB2082.

You may also email the bill sponsor and committee members directly:

Representative Nick Marshall – Nick.Marshall@house.mo.gov

Professional Registration and Licensing Committee:

Ellen.Brandom@house.mo.gov; Eric.Burlison@house.mo.gov; Sue.Allen@house.mo.gov; Chris.Carter@house.mo.gov; Kevin.Elmer@house.mo.gov; Diane.Franklin@house.mo.govWard.Franz@house.mo.gov; Keith.Frederick@house.mo.gov; Caleb.Jones@house.mo.gov; Bart.Korman@house.mo.gov; Michele.Kratky@house.mo.gov; Bill.Lant@house.mo.gov; Donna.Lichtenegger@house.mo.gov; Gail.Beatty@house.mo.gov; Mary.Nichols@house.mo.gov; Vicki.Schneider@house.mo.gov; Scott.Sifton@house.mo.gov; Jason.Smith@house.mo.gov; Jay.Swearingen@house.mo.gov; Steve.Webb@house.mo.gov; Don.Wells@house.mo.gov


House Bill 5517 in Michigan seeks to deregulate licensing for barbers. This legislation will repeal the occupational code that defines and states requirements for barber licensing, barber instructor licensing, and barber school licensing.

Click here if you are a Michigan resident and would like to sign onto out letter OPPOSING HB5517.  The primary sponsor of this bill is Representative Tom McMillin.  HB5517 is currently in the committee on Regulatory Reform.

You may also email the bill sponsor and committee members directly:

Representative Tom McMillin – TomMcMillin@house.mi.gov

Committee Clerk – sjones@senate.michigan.gov


HB664 would create the Alabama Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. This bill would provide for the regulation of cosmetologists, barbers, estheticians, manicurists, and natural hairstylists and their shops and schools under a new registration board, known as the Alabama Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.  House Bill 664 is currently in the Boards, Agencies and Commissions committee.

Express your support for HB664, if you are a resident of Alabama please click here to sign onto our letter of support.

You may also email your support directly to the bill sponsor Representative Kurt Wallace at representativewallace@gmail.com

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