iam_tattoo_header_image_shadowThe I Am A Professional. I Am Licensed Movement was launched by PBA in an effort to bring together licensed professionals. Obtaining your license signifies the start of your career, and is a culmination of many long hours of work and extensive training. In addition to styling and cutting techniques, cosmetology education also covers subjects such as chemistry, biology, and business ownership. Industry professionals  must have a full understanding of human anatomy, and proper tool sanitizing methods, as well as potential risks involved when mixing chemicals.

Unfortunately, the threat of industry deregulation is real. If  deregulation were a reality, manufacturers, distributors, and salon owners would all be affected. Consumers would run the greatest risk by being exposed to unlicensed individuals practicing cosmetology without the proper education. Deregulation would also mean anyone would be able to bypass the training required to obtain a license. Consumers would be at risk for infection and negligent care, and industry standards would plummet.

The movement brings together the vast community of licensed professionals, and raises awareness of  industry deregulation. Being licensed in this industry is a great accomplishment, and we want to hear from you! Join the ranks and share your story!

If you’ve already joined the I Am A Professional. I Am Licensed. Movement, we’d love to hear your thoughts on industry deregulation. Please take a few minutes to answer our questionnaire for a chance to be featured on the PBA Blog!

If you’re a licensed professional and are interested in joining the Movement, click here. You will receive your official window cling to display in your salon or work station, as well as helpful talking points to share with clients about the risks of doing business with unlicensed individuals.

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