The following is reprinted from a press release. PBA has no affiliation with MAKE It Education or the “Business Brains for the New Hair Salon Owner” program.

MAKE It Education recently launched its business education program “Business Brains for New Hair Salon Owners”, a program that provides 100 percent applicable business knowledge to anyone considering owning their own hair salon or becoming an independent contractor. According to research recently provided by the Professional Beauty Association, 90 percent of all salon industry establishments are non-employee based. These include self-employed salon owners and independent contractors.

According to the Small Business Association, 30 percent of all small businesses fail within the first two years and 50 percent within five years. The purpose of MAKE It Education is to provide applicable business knowledge with the ultimate goal of reducing hair salon failures. According to MAKE It Education Creative Director Kristin Murphy, “failure can never be an option and with our Business Brains program, we have developed an incredibly creative program that educates and captures the attention of our artistic audience”.

Business Brains is a half-day, high-impact program that provides the necessary knowledge to anyone considering owning their own hair salon or going out on their own independently. The class is fast paced and is not what one might consider a “traditional” business class.

“There is nothing boring about this necessary business class” according to co-founder Matt Walsh. MAKE It Education is currently marketing their Business Brains program to cosmetology schools around the United States. “Beauty schools have evolved into industry changing institutions and are producing high-quality graduates, but the skill sets of these rising stars don’t make them fully prepared for what lies ahead when they decide to open their own hair salon” according to Walsh.

About MAKE It Education
MAKE It Education was founded by Matt and Andrea Walsh and Kristin Murphy and taps into over 20 years of successful business ownership, especially in the salon and spa industry. Failure can never be an option and should never be defined as simply as, “not trying”. Failure has a long reach and therefore it remains the goal of Business Brains for the New Hair Salon Owner to help reduce failures through applicable knowledge and education. Visit for more information.