Modern Salon’s Ann Moratto shares in the first of a two-part series her experience at the recent PBA Lobby Day. Here’s a sneak peek at the article:

On May 6, dedicated beauty professionals invested their time, money and energy to travel to Washington D.C. to educate elected officials about our industry. Fortunate to be among them, I joined an effort organized by the PBA called Lobby Day. Working in teams, we were lobbying (persuading, convincing) on Capitol Hill to gain support from Senators for a bill (a proposal that is the first step in creating a new law) called the Small Business Tax Equalization and Compliance Act (known in the Senate as S. 974 and in the House of Representatives as H.R, 1957). This bill would allow salon owners to claim a tax credit for the FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act payroll tax that employees and employers pay to fund Social Security and Medicare) taxes they must now pay on their employees’ tips.” [Read More]

The PBA Government Affairs Team has made the passage of the Small Business Tax Equalization and Compliance Act, also known as the FICA Tip Tax Credit, a priority and works continually with decision makers to educate them on the importance of the professional beauty industry to the U.S. market. To get involved and show your support of this important legislation, visit