New Men’s Category Added and Entry Rules Expand for Make-Up ArtistsĀ 

Phoenix, AZ (August 17, 2012) - The Professional Beauty Association (PBA), producers of the renowned North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA), is pleased to announce two category changes starting in 2013: Competitors can now enter in the new “Men’s Hairstylist of the Year” category and make-up artists can enter in the “Make-Up Artist of the Year” category without a nomination of a hairstylist.

The “Men’s Hairstylist of the Year” will honor a stylist who displays the most proficiency in the designs and techniques used in men’s styling and grooming. Entrants in this category must master current men’s commercial, contemporary and wearable styling trends.

By expanding the entry rules to allow make-up artists, an integral component to any NAHA entry, to enter the “Make-Up Artist of the Year” category without the nomination of a hairstylist, it is PBA’s hope that make-up artists not affiliated with a stylist or salon will be encouraged to submit their work independently.

“By adding the NAHA Men’s Hairstylist of the Year category and expanding the rules for how make-up artists can enter the competition, our hope is that more stylists and make-up artists will be encouraged to enter for a coveted NAHA. New participation will enhance NAHA overall and help bring recognition to more key areas of the professional beauty industry,” said PBA Director of Industry Programs and Education, Jessi Marshall.

The entry process for the 2013 North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) will open December 1, 2012. All entries are due February 8, 2013. As the most celebrated and prestigious photographic beauty competition in North America, NAHA celebrates the skill, artistry and talent of professional hairstylists and make-up artists. Winning a NAHA can be a career changing event. Due to the level and quality of entries, entrants are encouraged to start early and utilize the tools PBA provides on how to create a successful entry.

All applicants for all categories, except Make-Up, must be licensed cosmetologists or cosmetology students and adhere to the specific rules and regulations of the category they are applying for. Visit the NAHA website for qualifications specific to Make-Up entrants. For complete details, to see past entries and to access helpful tools on how to create a successful NAHA entry, visit