The morning news program “Good Morning America” reported last Friday on the use of Keratin Blowout Treatments. Though the report and three-page article focused mainly on the possible harmful side effects to the health of both the consumer and stylist, another very interesting point was brought up that could affect the livelihood of salons and stylists everywhere. Is it okay to lower your price when the customer attempts to haggle on expensive treatments and services?

Among the possibility of elevated levels of formaldehyde in the product, the reporter in the video talks about her success in getting a discount on the expensive treatment when she asked her stylist.

It’s clear that the report is focusing on the consumer but for industry professionals it brings up questions on best practices on doing your research on pricing for services and protecting your investment. PBA does not endorse the practice of haggling for services but we would like to know what you think. Should a salon agree to lower the price of services, even if that means lowering profits from those services? Does letting one customer haggle on a treatment catapult a dangerous precedent in the salon?