exec_summitThe Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is pleased to host its new PBA Executive Summit, December 4-5, 2014, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Welcoming upper-level management from the beauty manufacturing and distribution sectors, attendees will explore consumer trends, how marketing and communications are changing with expanding technology and social connections, and in-depth industry data to apply to your business strategy.

Led by moderator Gene Randall, former CNN Anchor and NBC Correspondent, speakers and topics include:

Jane Buckingham

What Gen Y & Millenials Want from Your Brand

Explore the differences and similarities between generations X and Y and various marketing strategies geared toward each age group.

Steven Berlin Johnson

Where Good Ideas Come From

Identify the environments that have fostered the greatest innovations and the principles that have encouraged creativity and grown businesses across history.

Carrie Mellage

Results from PBA’s Industry Research Study

Be among the first to explore data from the revolutionary Kline Pro study to help identify trends, benchmark performance, evaluate competitive beauty related sectors.

Learn more and register at probeauty.org/execs. Space is limited.

About the PBA Education

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