Excerpt from Vol. 1 Issue 1 PBA Progress Magazine. Read the full article here.

2010 has been an exciting year for the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and the entire industry. With the recent merger of PBA with the National Cosmetology Association (NCA), PBA has expanded, adding nearly 10,000 new members, and is making major strides toward industry unification. The merger became official January 1, 2010 and PBA welcomed NCA members as its fourth membership section dedicated to the personal and professional development of licensed individuals.

The merger came after months of negotiations and was finalized through a voting process. Per the NCA governance process, NCA’s delegates were sent a voting packet outlining the terms of the merger: The NCA delegate approval was unanimous. Parallel to the NCA process, all PBA members, more than 1,600 industry professionals spanning all sectors of the industry, was sent a voting packet. An overwhelming 95 percent of PBA members were in favor of the opportunity to merge the two associations.