PBA Salon/Spa member Patricia Owen  has gone from savvy salon owner to member of her local Chamber of Commerce to earning a seat on the Board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. An active advocate of the PBA-endorsed FICA Tip Tax legislation, Patricia is an extraordinary example of an entrepreneur working to make a difference for the future of the beauty industry.

Patricia was recently interviewed by Stacey Soble, Editor and Chief for Salon Today magazine. Here’s a short clip from Stacy’s Salon Today Blog:

“Over the years though, I’ve also been fascinated with her gradual growth into politics, from becoming active in her local Chamber of Commerce to now serving on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Last year, I touched base with Patricia after she had the chance to enlighten members of the U.S. Congress on the interests of small business owners and meet with President Barack Obama. With her current position on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, she’s also become a consultant to the Professional Beauty Association’s ongoing government affairs efforts, in the areas of small business, and shared the interests of the professional beauty industry with the Chamber of Commerce.”

Click Here to download the podcast of Stacey’s interview with Patricia Owen.

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