Gauze and Terry – It feels so very – good on my der -ri-ere… Do the pretty girl rock!

You notice what I’m wear’in… I’m notici’in you starin… boy I like your haircut! And check out your new high lights… Is that Balayage?

You can learn to to do make-up, and you can learn to do color, BUT…. You can’t learn Pretty!

Oh, and P.S… could you put feathers in my hair? Wait… WHAT?

It is a true pleasure to share my three main intrigues that keep me inspired every single day! The love of Fashion, Finish and of course the Fabulous! And to add a little spice, let’s also take a look at the Face.

Now, Let’s take a trip in the “Now” of these big F”s and find out the what, why and how? Ready… Set… “Pretty” Anyone?

The Fashion

All eyes on me when I walk in. No question this girl’s a 10!  This is the confidence and strength of the summer season “Kick Off”!

The feminine militant strength (OK, men too. This look is the fashion for us all! Remember the key word “Gender Play”), and the 2011 summer fashions are individual and full of life! From the runways of Milan or the sidewalks of a small town somewhere (LOL – maybe my neighborhood!), the craze is short, tailored and individual. The fabrics that give us “Humble Luxury” all while making us feel individual, are totally embracing gauze and terry cloth! The short stream-line, body-hugging fabrics that let us breathe and move through our summer days are adorned with short tailored jackets, stuffed shoulder pads, and large-button hardware for cool summer nights, and adorned with an ankle boot  and scrunch sock (Sorry ladies, Drop the sandals this summer!). Walk any where you choose with an over-sized shoulder bag and you will look and feel like a runway diva! Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful!

The Finish

Hotter than the “A-list”… next one on my hit list!

The finish of the new summer cuts and colors are embracing the strength of tone and shape that make all of us as individual as the fashions I am wearing! Forget about color foil patterns and haircuts that are the same as the last client you just finished! I want something that works for me and my haircut! No extra value meal here, buster! I don’t want chocolate and vanilla… I want Khaki and sugar cookie, LOL!

The new craving of Balayage (the french word for “hair painting”) takes “Ombre” to a whole new level. Both men and women can have their individual and personal look created by the re-birth of this classic technique!

Here is your Balayage how -to:

1) Control the flow and application of your color to give definition and clarity to your canvas, while not making it a “blur” working on the round points of focus, which are at the occipital bone, parietal crown and the front temporal meets recession.

2) Starting in the back of the head at the occipital, taking a diagonal forward parting, alternate your colors starting from the low center and moving upwards to the outside of the parting. Depending on the amount of coverage needed, a natural look, tends to be with about an 1/8 to a 1/4 inch between tones.

3) Apply from scalp to ends with your tone, while either placing each strand on cotton strips, plastic film or my favorite is to utilize cotton roll, placing one piece at the scalp and one on the mid-range to not allow colors to sit on one another. Follow the same diagonal sectioning and application, moving toward the crown and then to the front temporal/recession zone.

4) Continue to alternate your tones, diffusing from the scalp and working through the ends. When working with 2 to 3 tones,  I go by the general rule of darkest on the low occipital, medium through the crown and then as you move closer to the front hairline and top lid, the idea is to, of course, keep it the lightest shade.

The softness and clarity together with this “no mess” application from the GOLDWELL tools, will keep your clients wearing a signature look. Put this on a re-birth of the Mia Farrow Vidal Sassoon classic with new blunt texture and call it a day! You know that I can take it to the next level baby!

The Fabulous

OK, the Fabulous is everything that we all do! So… the Fabulous is YOU!

So this new infatuation of feathers anchored in the hair has become the crave everywhere! Across the globe, I have got to see them. They shampoo, flat iron and curl! I am not sure of why and how, though I remember growing up with those “feathers” we anchored to our hair that had a special clip attached to them (Mmm Hmm. LOL!)), and we all made sure that at the county fair we had a new set! Maybe it’s that Steven Tyler is a new host of American Idol!?! Regardless, they are here for the time being and I am embracing them! Hello?!? Dude, looks like a lady!

The Face

Take summer to a whole new glow. Bronzer, liner, lash… but don’t leave without your lip gloss! “You Can’t learn Pretty!”

No matter were you go this summer, the gloss shade is still all about RED!  Line them and gloss them, just don’t forget them! (On a BIG P.S. – RuPaul’s Drag Race is at it’s final 3! This is my favorite downtime, and my personal inspiration to find charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent! Go to for Season 3 episodes!)

The electro-pop rhythmic sounds of Britney and Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson and, yes, even that girl who wines about “Your gonna catch a cold…“, Jar of Hearts, are leading us into summer. The rythyms are making us move our shoulders and pump along through the day ( Turn up that song… that’s my Jam!). What’s funny is that it reminds me of the early 90’s club scene, thump-a-thump! Music that sounds the same, but makes you Get It-t-t-t! ( Hello?!? “EnVogue” early 90’s anyone?) It is the same back beat as the the gay bars world-round that made everyone want to dance (oh, the memories!) OK. Adore It!

I hope that you enjoyed the latest edition of “A Dip & A Trip… In the Head of A Performer” and I can’t wait for you to visit again next month! I am fortunate to be able to view the world, as I am sure most of you are, a bit differently! Finding beauty in everything I see and everything I do! I crave the inspiration from the 3 F’s and this gives me my interpretation of what I want to put into hair! I tell myself every day that “Life is not a dress rehearsal… Live it, love it, create it!”



About John Simpson

John Simpson is an international platform artist for Goldwell and a salon partner at Lewis Hair Salon in Pittsburgh, PA. John’s passion is to educate stylists in all salon concepts and full beauty imagery, conveying the message of inspiration and discipline through technique. His motivational and creative teaching style encourages stylists to reclaim their passion and conquer new design fundamentals of hair color, cutting and finishing techniques. For more of John’s inspirations, visit For Goldwell Academy programs and events near you, visit Also, find John on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Linkedin.