I’m gettin’ married in the morning….Ding Dong the Prince is FINALLY mine!

Glamourous… Glamourous… Glamourous… Gla…Gla…Gla… Glamourous… I’ll wear my hair down!

So raise your hats if you wore one… I hope you did not forget… sexy, big and loud. Or you will never be, never be invited back again?

Oh, and P.S…. you will be made fun of by all the media if you didn’t! Wait… What?

It is a true pleasure to share my three main intrigues that keep me inspired every singleday! The love of Fashion, Finish and of course The Fabulous! Let’s take a trip into the“Now” of these 3 big F”s and find out the what , why and how.

Ready… Set…”Royality” Anyone?

The Fashion

I’m finally married, I’m finally married… and all the jewels are mine!

So we all watched it, woke up early, googled or read about it. The royal wedding! WOW! What a major production! And as Kate and Will prepare to embark on their first North American tour, I thought it would be a fun time to revisit this spectacle that caught the attention of the entire globe for months.

The chat in salon, pre and post ceremony, among men and women alike was “what would the gown be?” “would it be simple or all wrong?” Then…. “Did you like it?” “I’m not sure… ” “I thought the sister looked better!” “Do you think that Harry and Middleton’s brother are hooking up? Or is he into Pippa?” Wait…..What? Editorial quote says… “Harry left in a minibus at about 3am, minus his bow tie, accompanied by a dozen fellow party-goers thought to have included Middleton’s brother James. Well… I think I kind of hope so… Hmm that’s a wedding I would watch! LOL! Kidding!

The beautiful silks and italian lace that adorned the fabulous royal wedding dress was PERFECT! I mean of course… it was designed by a McQueen designer! The form fitting gown and militant cuts followed not only the magnificence of the event, but modern fashions as well. The design was fresh,new and elegant! Pippa followed in a class-A gown to blow your socks off, and the men worked their tailored suits of armor that made you take notice.  I love that it was a true “Cinderella” movie come to life! I also love that designers of the Haute Couture Houses had their phones blowing up with requests for a replica! Umm, do you know how much hand-made italian lace costs? I’m just sayin! LOL!

Other designers are taking the same cuts as if it were fashion week and launching the “Royal” brand collection at many retailers. Funny… I guess it is prom season! I waited for eight years but, heck yeah I got him… sorry girls, the man is mine!

The Finish

I remember all the days, when I really used to think… I need it up! I need it up! Now it’s down and glamourous!

So a main question in salon chats everywhere was if it was appropriate or liked that Miss Kate wore her hair down… Really? She looked glamourous! Plus, in trend fashion elegance this is the “It” look that not only showcases long flowing waves but amazing blow outs! Take the color and cut into long seamless layers and “melted” dimensional shades that showcase each tone without seeing where the color design starts and stops.

The multi-dimensional illusion of a single tone moves perfect with every heads twist. You can take the “Ombre” to a whole new level by placing color in the right position and getting away from the piano key-like positioning on the top of the lid by utilizing a small interlocking 1” x 1” block shape high and low on the parietal ridge, micro-slicing your shades horizontally back to back and choosing colors of only three levels of difference in the same color family, then placing a harmonious base tone all around… Foxy, Foxy!

The Fabulous

OK, the Fabulous is everything that all we do. So… the Fabulous is YOU! So raise your hats to the event… Don’t be the only one… Not wearing one!

Well as we got to see, the wild craze for these fabulous hats are working the main street market! From youth to the seasoned “jet set”, all are adornining these unique beauties. It sort of reminds me of a cross between a GaGa video and Mardi Gras! LOL! But I also say, hey… If you want an ostrich feather fasctened to a clip to work as your special accessory… Get it! Just be sure to add glitter! LOL! ………Pippa, Pippa, Pippa-razzi!

The Face

Take summer to a whole new “Glow” …. bronzer, liner, lash … but don’t leave without your lip gloss! You Can’t Learn Pretty!

No matter were you go this summer, the gloss shade is still all about RED! Line them and gloss them, just don’t forget them! (On a BIG P.S., Get It Raja! I knew it was you from the beginning! The winner of RuPauls’ Drag Race !… This is my favorite downtime and guilty escape!)

The electro-pop rhythmic sounds of GaGa and her sexy beat song about some Judah I think, I can’t figure out the words (does that mean I’m old? lol!), Britney and Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson and, yes, even that girl who wines about … “Your gonna gatch a cold… (Jar of Hearts) are leading us into summer.  The rythyms are making us move our shoulders and pump along through our day! ( Turn up that song…. that’s my Jammmmm!) … What’s funny is that it reminds me of the early 90’s thump-a-thump of the clubs and every glow-stick rave I ever attended! Let’s “Whip It!” Music that sounds the same, but makes you Get It! OK… Adore It!

I hope that you enjoyed , and I can’t wait for you to visit again next month for another dip & a trip! I am fortunate to be able to view the world , as I am sure most of you are, a bit differently! Finding beauty in everything I see and everything I do! I crave theinspiration from the 3 F’s and this gives me my interpretation of what I want to put into hair! …..I tell myself every day that… “Life is not a dress rehearsal… live it , love it, create it!”


About John Simpson

John Simpson is an international platform artist for Goldwell and a salon partner at Lewis Hair Salon in Pittsburgh, PA. John’s passion is to educate stylists in all salon concepts and full beauty imagery, conveying the message of inspiration and discipline through technique. His motivational and creative teaching style encourages stylists to reclaim their passion and conquer new design fundamentals of hair color, cutting and finishing techniques. For more of John’s inspirations, visit www.johncsimpson.com. For Goldwell Academy programs and events near you, visit  www.goldwellnorthamerica.com. Also, find John on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Linkedin.