Atlanta, Georgia (September 1, 2012) Independent distributors of salon exclusive beauty products are constantly faced with a challenge: how to motivate hair stylists to sell retail products? Hairstylists consider themselves artists, not salespeople, and are reluctant to “push” their service clients to buy. But salon clients want to buy—statistics show that the majority of them do within 24 hours of a salon service—but not in their salon.

The principals of Salon Gateway, a husband and wife team who own a distributorship with a 25-year track record, pondered this dilemma for years.  “It was incredible to me that stylists were not selling to clients who wanted to buy, especially since retail products carry a higher margin than salon services,” says the wife, “it challenged us to find an innovative way to reach potential retail clients who were leaving the salon and purchasing products elsewhere—we want a salon client to be both a service and retail client—ironically, retail purchases actually engender stylist loyalty.”

To solve this problem, Salon Gateway created a closed website,, which places clients back in their salon virtually to purchase products.  Salons enter their clients’ email addresses into their Salon Gateway page, and the system generates an email to the client, letting them know which products and tools were used during their service, and allowing them to purchase these products and others through their salon’s page.

The Salon Gateway system is sold to independent distributors across the country and abroad. As long as a salon stocks at least two of a distributor’s full brands in their physical store, the distributor will provide the service without charge.

According to the husband, salons and distributors are very excited about the technology.  “We have created a disruptive innovation that serves a segment of the market that was being missed by existing business models,” he says, “we are allowing the stylist to get back to the basics of being creative, while generating income on retail products without directly selling—it’s a win, win, win situation for everyone.”

About Salon Gateway, Inc.

Salon Gateway, Inc. provides a closed website and services to independent distributors of salon-exclusive beauty products that allows them to provide their salons with a mechanism for preserving their retail customers. It is a private company based in Atlanta, Georgia.