A recent investigation from CBS’s  “Early Show” Consumer Correspondent Susan Koeppen into the salon industry and the issue of unlicensed stylists found that last year alone, the Better Business Bureau received more than 2,400 complaints about hair stylists, from bad cuts to severe scalp burns.

The report featured Kristy Picornell, a “victim of unlicensed hairstylist”, who said when she saw her hair she “was terrified. My hair was destroyed.” Acording to CBS, Picornell went into a Miami salon to get hair extensions and was serviced by an unlicensed stylist.

She said, “When I came out from underneath the dryer, I noticed that my scalp was burning. I had some blistering on the sides of my ear, on my hairline, at the nape of my neck… The salon apparently used a superglue bonding rather than a bonding solution used for extensions. When I looked in the mirror and saw my hair I was horrified. I started to cry.”

Clearly, there’s a problem with unlicensed stylists.  Salon owners, do you check the license of the stylist who works in your salon? You should.

Recent media reports have reported salons hiring or continuing to employ individuals that do not maintain the required license for beauty services being performed. As both a matter of good business practices and public safety, PBA does not condone such actions. Maintaining the integrity of the beauty industry requires that we continue to meet the high professional standards that are the hallmark of our industry.

PBA continues to work on behalf of the professional beauty industry and for those whose livelihoods depend on it. Please take a moment and double check that your license is current today!