June 27, 2013 – TONI&GUY announces the launch of their salon franchise model available January 2014. This exciting expansion will enable qualified candidates the opportunity to open TONI&GUY Salon locations in North America and South America for the very first time.

 TONI&GUY is world–‐renowned for its high–‐end environments, cutting–‐edge education and close ties to the fashion industry with salon locations throughout the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Currently, TONI&GUY Salon franchises are available through European holdings, and this expanded presence offered by TONI&GUY to the Americas is predicted to experience the same rapid expansion. TONI&GUY franchise goals include the opening of 300 new franchised salons and 100 new academies over the coming few years.

 “TONI&GUY is pleased to offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to join our network and globally renowned brand. Together we will continue to upgrade the hairdressing industry,” said Bruno Mascolo, TONI&GUY CEO and founder.

TONI&GUY’s presence currently includes 37 salons and 27 academies (20 academies are franchises) in key cities across the United States. The new growth  phase is designed to complement the existing academy franchise model and new salon locations will center initially on the company’s existing academy locations nationwide. This thoughtful growth strategy will provide employment opportunities for

TONI&GUY Academy graduates and teaching opportunities for TONI&GUY Salon employees. It is also a reflection of the brands continued dedication to education.

“We will maintain our high education standards and culture for all locations securing a cohesive brand across the Americas,” said Lenore Gibson, VP of Franchise Development.

Franchise opportunities are available to qualified candidates. Any interested parties should contact the TONI&GUY Franchise Specialist – Misty Benavides at mbenavides@toniguy.com or 214.273.2216 for more information.

About TONI&GUY – TONI&GUY is an international icon and was founded fifty years ago at a single salon in London by the Mascolo brothers: Toni, Guy, Bruno, and Anthony. TONI&GUY Salons and TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academies have an uncompromising quality and are consistently updating their stylists, technicians and students with the latest trends and techniques. With 64 locations nationwide, TONI&GUY is devoted to education through innovation and is a leader in artistic excellence. For more information, please visit toniguy.com, facebook.com/toniandguy or youtube.com/toniguy.