TONI&GUY release their anticipated collection Freedom. This collection is the result of the latest collaboration from Zak Mascolo and the TONI&GUY Artistic Team. With a keen focus on the bold and bright this collection highlights a woman’s right to fashion and individual style.

Three models combine to offer an array of lengths and color techniques. Classic TONI&GUY techniques such as long internal layers, rounded graduation and graduated layers blend with razor and slide cutting to produce cuts that are as versatile as they are bold. Color techniques push the envelope with asymmetry while hues range from silver infused blond to golden apricot replacing the expected with a new bright edge. Celebrating individual style each look has been finished in 2 different ways to show the creative nature of the cuts and their ability to fit a variety of client preferences.


Cut - A short graduated layer shape is created with a combination of the razor and shears and includes random disconnection through the top.

Color - This color weaving technique merges two tones together creating a diffused shine band feel through the fringe area (TIGI color – Rosey Apricot and Golden Peach).




Cut – A soft perimeter with long internal layers gives this look maximum versatility for a variety of finished styles.

Color – Zigzag partings and diamond sections are used to create an argyle pattern. This sectioning pattern will achieve a multi-dimensional color with a seamless feel (TIGI Color – Heather Blonde, Lavender Blush and Steel Blonde).




Cut – This look combines a rounded graduation technique, with slide cutting and sliced layering.

Color – An offset M sectioning pattern is used to create asymmetry in the color. Diagonally slicing through the M sections and alternating tones maintains softness (TIGI Color – Cinnamon and Honey).



TONI&GUY Artistic Team
Cut/Color – Zak Mascolo, Joseph Marzioli, Austin Finley, Samantha Finley and Jared Smith
Make Up –Tommy Gomez
Wardrobe Stylist – Caroline Mascolo
Photographer – Alex Barron‐Hough, Bed Head Studios

TONI&GUY is an international icon and was founded over forty years ago at a single salon in London by Mascolo Brothers: Toni, Guy, Bruno and Anthony. TONI&GUY Salons and TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy’s have an uncompromising quality and are consistently updating their stylists, technicians and students with the latest trends and techniques. With over 40 salons and 19 academies nationwide, TONI&GUY is devoted to education through innovation and is a leader in artistic excellence.

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