Derrick Strand, a management consultant and trainer, recently wrote an interesting blog post on how a lesson in taking care of his receding hairline helped him become a better leader. In the excerpt below, Derrick compares  his three-step hair care system for his thinning strands with three essential steps toward becoming a strong leader.

Shampoo – This special shampoo was all natural and it’s purpose was to clean all of the toxins and impurities from the scalp caused by gels, sprays and natural oils. All of these things clog the scalp and block natural hair growth. It also clears out the dead skin cells and the dead hair.

  • Do you have toxins and impurities (people, process, systems) in your organization that block the growth of your people or business?
  • Even if you cleanse them on occasion, do you keep putting the same toxins back on creating a vicious cycle?
  • Is there “dead weight” in your organization that you haven’t dealt with which is blocking healthy growth?
  • If so, what do you need to do to cleanse the organization?

Conditioner - This provides all natural vitamins and nourishment to the scalp after the cleansing. It was also recommended to leave it on for several minutes so it has a chance to “soak in.”

  • What activities provide nourishment to your organization?
  • Do you have the patience to let these activities soak in over time for maximum effect?

Stimulator - This foam protects the scalp from harmful UV rays but also stimulates the scalp which promotes hair growth.

  • What do you have in place organizationally that protects it from harmful outside influences or from competitors?
  • What programs do you have in place that stimulate employee’s thought processes and encourage creativity and innovation?

You can read Derrick’s full entry and learn more about becoming an effective leader here.