Chicago, IL, June 16, 2011

Center for Beauty and Health Excellence, Inc. (CBHE) is pleased to announce the publication of its second reference tool, Understanding Common Dermatitis and the FDA’s Role in Cosmetics©.

The author, Ms. Ginger Glomstead states, “This book was developed to create awareness of the most common skin reactions that a licensed beauty professional may encounter while serving a clientele and includes an emphasis on safety to assist with protecting the licensee and clients.”

The book is divided in two parts: dermatitis and FDA cosmetic information.  The first section of the book focuses on the three most common types of dermatitis: allergic, irritant and atopic (eczema).  Again, this invaluable quick reference tool has images near the middle of the book with disorder pages noted for quick referencing.  Included are definitions, symptoms and possible reactants and treatments.  Also included is information on medical exams and testing, product safety and sanitation considerations.  Understanding Common Dermatitis is endorsed by Peter Lio, MD.

The second part of the book includes information on the FDA’s role in cosmetics such as labeling and packaging information, prohibited and restricted ingredients by the FDA, labeling terminology and reporting reactions to the FDA.  The end of the book lists additional websites to reference for more information and quick reference allergen or irritant charts for allergic, irritant and atopic (eczema) dermatitis.
Understanding Common Dermatitis and the FDAs Role in Cosmetics is currently available for purchase online at www.CenterForBeautyAndHealthExcellence.com, and soon to be through Amazon. It is published by CBHE Publishing, Chicago, IL, ISBN 978-0-615-48838-7.

CBHE, Inc. offers education online and through distributors, manufacturers and professional trade organizations for licensed beauty professionals.  Current online continuing education is available for the States of Illinois and Wisconsin focusing on the areas of health, safety and law.  Additional continuing education States and curriculum will be added in 2011.  The next book, The Psychology of Beauty© is scheduled to be published in the autumn of 2011.

About the Author
Ginger Glomstead has more than 20 years’ experience as a trainer and educator, sales professional and is a licensed cosmetologist.  Before founding Center for Beauty and Health Excellence, Inc. she was a stylist and a hair product manufacturer representative supporting Midwest distributors in sales and education.  She is currently a licensed continuing education sponsor for the States of Illinois and Wisconsin and is a member of the Professional Beauty Association / National Cosmetology Association.

Ginger Glomstead
Center for Beauty and Health Excellence, Inc.