Creating a virtual community and information hub for health and wellness professionals and a resource for locating the right professional in your area

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. – There’s a new website just a click away on a computer or smart phone near you that’s focused on helping wellness practitioners build their businesses, share ideas and sources, make strategic alliances and market their services;  it’s called For consumers, it’s also an ideal wellness finder and aid in locating experts and wellness advice from professionals in their area.

“Wellx is part library and part locator, part networking and part bonding with professionals and prospective clients,” said Patrick Meyer, marketing director of the new online wellness focal point.  “We have the experts who can not only answer questions, but provide insights that often extend beyond immediate symptoms to the root causes of health problems. We are all very excited about Wellx and all we have to offer fellow professionals and consumers alike.”

For co-founder Shari Jacobson, Wellx is the answer to where the wellness industry is heading.  “Advancing our industry is going to require tools that service providers will need to create or build their businesses, provide products, supplies and insurance they can actually afford, and to develop a community where they can learn from each other by exchanging ideas.  Hence our tagline:  your Wellness Exchange because that is exactly what Wellx is.”

According to Jacobson, the Wellx website is a great place to find a job. She pointed out that among the many features of Wellx, including webinars, advice on practice management, marketing strategies for wellness practices, the latest news on the most advanced and innovative treatments, and much more, “Wellx has a nifty job search tab.”  She described it as a very targeted way of searching for specific jobs in one’s field, in their local area or across the country.

“Even if you can’t immediately find a job, your name is out there,” Jacobson explained. “When an employer searches for someone with your qualifications your name and experience will pop up for them right there, and via the Wellx community they can get in touch with you.”

The Wellx site is a virtual encyclopedia of information and advice for growing the business, and also offers assistance with scheduling appointments, exchanging ideas with other wellness professionals, forming alliances and advancing the wellness practice to the next level.

Readers interesting in learning more Wellx are invited to visit the website and join it for free at