This week,’s Beauty 101 series is focusing on quick fixes for everything from a bad haircut to a nasty case of razor burn. Readers submitted questions and fellow readers provided the answers, including one of the trained volunteers from Look Good… Feel Better.

From commenter sfikus:
I work with Look Good Feel Better, which teaches women undergoing cancer treatments how to cope with the changes their bodies are going thru – we use this tip for drawing in eyebrows and [it’s] genius:

Eyebrows are made of hair, but you see skin thru them – if you use a brow pencil the same color as your eyebrows, it can look extremely harsh or “angry”. Try a neutral color a step or 2 lighter than your natural brows.

Looking straight at a mirror, take your eyebrow pencil and hold it vertically from the outside of your nose/nostril to your brow. This is the inside-most point of your eyebrow. Make a dot with the pencil.

Keeping the pencil at the nostril, rotate the top outward, so that it crosses the center of your iris. The pencil will be at a roughly 45 degree angle from your nostril outward. This line shows the natural point of the arch in your eyebrow. Make a second dot with your pencil.

Keeping the pencil at the nostril, rotate it outward further so that it lines up with the outside edge of your eye. This line shows where the brow should end. Make a third dot with your pencil.

Using light strokes, gently color in, connecting the dots. Use less pencil than you think – it’s easier to add more than to take away too much. Eyebrows naturally taper, so thin the line as you move outward. In between adding color, use a brow brush (or cheap toothbrush) to soften the pencil and blend with your existing eyebrow hairs.

Finally, brush the brow hairs up, then run your thumbnail across the top of your brow, tracing the shape of the arch, to groom and shape. If you have unruly hairs, spray the brush with a small bit of hairspray before you brush and shape.

If you have very little hair from over plucking, pencil can look waxy/greasy/shiny and very fake. Use pencil lightly first to define the shape of the brow, then lightly trace with a matching matte eyeshadow color – this will matte down any shine from the pencil.

Thank you to commenter sfikus for promoting Look Good… Feel better and for providing such a great tip! Other helpful tips on everything from growing out a bad cut, trimming wonky bangs and avoiding smudged makeup can be found here.