Enter NAHA - Haircolor


(From left to right: 2014 Finalist Chrystofer Benson, 2013 Winner Sue Pemberton, 2012 Winner Chad Demchuk, 2011 Winner Dimitrios Tsioumas)

The Haircolor category showcases artists who have an eye for the perfect palette and haircolor techniques. Submit your work showing beautiful styles complimented by perfect color placement and your understanding how perfect color placement can pull together a total look.

  • All haircolor work must be done by the stylist named in the entry system
  • No color manipulation of photography is allowed
  • Haircolor work should complement the cut


  • Three “Before” Images (no larger than 3MBs each)
  • Three Final or “After” Images (no larger than 3MBs each)
  • Three Unedited Images (no larger than 3MBs each)
  • All images must be in JPEG (.jpg) format
  • Resolution of at least 300DPI (CMPI not accepted)
  • No smaller than 8” x 10”
  • Signed NAHA Photo Release Form
  • Completed Haircolor Technical Form
  • Three Models Used

Category Tips

  • Use of full wigs is NOT permitted in this category
  • Do not use Photoshop or similar software/programs to alter haircolor
  • Do not use Photoshop or similar software/programs to “cut” the hair
  • Hair should be styled exactly as desired before the photo is taken
  • “Before” images must be taken on same day of color service
  • “Before” images must be taken with the same background and draping for each model
  • Indicate on the Haircolor Technical Form the natural level and texture of the model, the formula(s) and process(es) used to create the final look
  • Include a diagram of color placement within the Haircolor Technical Form

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2015 Entry Process Opens November 3rd! Learn more.