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PBA Press
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The Professional Beauty Association Selects Award-Winning Actor Alan Cumming as host of the 2016 North American Hairstyling Awards
The Professional Beauty Association’s 2016 International Salon and Spa Expo Attracts Thousands of Attendees, Sold-Out Education and Big Names in Professional Beauty
The Professional Beauty Association and Cosmoprof North America Announce “INSPIRE: A Night Celebrating Beauty Entrepreneurs”
PBA Member: Candy Shaw Named New Membership Chairman of Intercoiffure America / Canada
Beauty Pitch 2016® Returns to PBA Beauty Week® With ABC’s Shark Tank Star Mark Cuban and a New “Startup” Business Category
Professional Beauty Leaders Engage In The Changing Consumer Experience at PBA Executive Summit
The Professional Beauty Association’s Beacon Student Competition Accepting Applications
The Professional Beauty Association Accepting Entries for the Prestigious 2016 North American Hairstyling Awards’ (NAHA)
PBA Member: CosmoGlove Launches IndieGoGo Crowd Funding Campaign for Next Generation Glove
PBA Member: CosmoGlove is Selected by AsSeenOnTV-Pro as a Q1 2016 TV Product
The 2016 International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) to host over 400 Global Manufacturers, 150 Education Classes and Industry Leading Hair, Nail and Skin competitions
The Professional Beauty Federation Holds 15th Annual “Welcome To Our World” Event
The Professional Beauty Association Announces the Recipient of the 2015 Minerva Beauty Cosmetology Scholarship
The Professional Beauty Association’s Executive Summit Returns to Arizona
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