Free PBA Webinar: Tips, Taxes & the IRS

How can you follow the law if you don’t know it? You can’t. Join the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) for an exclusive webinar with the Internal Revenue Service and learn what every beauty professional should know about their taxes. Monday, November 18, 1:00pm EST Register…

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PBA Partners with Renowned Research Firm for Revolutionary Study

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and renowned research firm Kline & Company, Inc. have created a strategic collaboration designed to source and provide detailed, highly accurate, and actionable market intelligence on the professional beauty industry by monitoring transactional sales data from salon chains, independent salons,…

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PBA Webinar for Salon Owners: Understanding Professional Insurance

Insurance coverage is often considered an intimidating and overwhelming topic. Salon owners know it’s critical to secure coverage, but they don’t know what kind! Join the Professional Beauty Association for a web event created to “demystify” your insurance needs. Led by Mary Lynne Blaesser, Certified…

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