PBA Honors Dedication of Long-Time Members

When the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) merged with the National Cosmetology Association (NCA) in January 2010, it brought many long-term individual members who have demonstrated consistent support for the association throughout their entire careers. The stories they have to tell are moving and their voices…

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FICA Tip Tax Fairness Legislation Making Significant Progress in Congress

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) has made significant progress regarding the Small Business Tax Equalization and Compliance Act; commonly known as the FICA Tip Tax Fairness Legislation. This legislation has been at the forefront of PBA’s agenda for several years and has made incredible advances…

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Free PBA Webinar for Students: Transition in Style, From School to Salon

What do Winn Claybaugh, Steve Gomez and Damien Carney have in common? RIGHT! They’re all masters of their crafts and experts in the beauty industry. AND… they are joining forces to provide inspiration, motivation and LIVE education to beauty school students and new professionals! Join…

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