PBA’s Second Distributor Conference Builds on Success of First, Sets Precedent for Future

PBA’s 2013 Distributor Executive Conference (DEC) showcased the growth of independent distribution with 70 attendees representing 44 different professional beauty distributorships. The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) was pleased such a large amount of growth from the first event held in 2012. Based on the great…

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PBA and WTOW Host Day of Beauty on Capitol Hill, Educate Congress on Industry

More than 500 Capitol Hill staff members attended Welcome to Our World May 8, 2013. Licensed nail techs, hair stylists and cosmetology students volunteered their time and talents for this exciting event hosted annually by the Professional Beauty Federation. Attendees enjoyed complimentary haircuts and mini-manicures…

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PBA Featured Education: Healthcare Reform for Companies, Individuals

As the country progresses closer to full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as healthcare reform or Obamacare, both business owners and individuals have many questions on what the impact will mean for them., their employees and their businesses. The Professional Beauty…

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