Create a Glow That Grows Your Business

The holiday season is a busy time in salons and spas. Customers you may not see often, along with new clients, suddenly book appointments to ensure they look their best for the many gatherings and parties taking place at this time of year. This is…

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Holiday-Seasonal-Themed Promotions: Make Your Bottom Line Sparkle

Many thanks to all who participated in the October 2012 PBA poll on Holiday/Seasonal/Themed Promotions and sharing your insights on this topic. We usually include your narrative comments at the end of the survey findings, but this month you will find them in the PBA…

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Congressman Supports Fair Tax Legislation for Small Businesses

Fighting for fair tax legislation for small business owners has been a major focus for the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) over the past several years. The Small Business Tax Equalization and Compliance Act (H.R. 1957), commonly known as the FICA Tip Tax Legislation, would provide…

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