Domestic Violence Root of Salon Shootings

Only a little more than a year has passed since nine lives were taken in a salon massacre in Seal Beach, CA, and the beauty community is once again mourning similar tragedies in Milwaukee, WI, killing three, and Casselberry, FL, also killing three. Domestic violence…

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PBA State Captains Heed Call to Action

An essential part of PBA’s Government Affairs efforts involve tracking state legislation across the U.S. that has the potential to harm or benefit the livelihoods of beauty professionals and companies. A stage legislature could introduce a bill at any time that could be either detrimental…

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Work/Life Balance: In Search of Harmony

Many thanks to all who participated in the September 2012 PBA poll on Work/Life Balance and sharing your insights on this topic. Your comments and suggestions appear at the end of the survey summary. Take time to enjoy what you are working so hard for.” …

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