Inaugural PBA Summit Explores Today’s Consumer

by Jessi Marshall, PBA Director of Education and Industry Programs The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is known for producing some of the biggest, most well-known beauty and educational events in the industry. PBA wrapped up 2014 with its anticipated first annual PBA Executive Summit. More…

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Fill Your Salon with Multiple Generations with Successful Salon Booking

If your appointment book is the heart of your business, then your clients are responsible for bringing your calendar to life.  The average salon has more than 2,500 clients, a diverse group varying in race, gender, personalities, economic status, and most drastically in age. It…

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PBA Unveils New and Improved Programs for Members

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) has been working hard to stay up-to-date to keep members informed. Now more than ever, it’s crucial for PBA Members to have a reliable place to go to not only get the information…

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