Delicacy of Discussing Hair Loss

by Jeffrey Paul, Guest Contributor Let’s face it. Hair thinning and loss can be a private panic for most women and men. It’s a subject few are comfortable addressing…buy why? Imagine if you will, the first time your client looked in the mirror or caught…

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The Future of Salon Internet Success

by Jon-David, Guest Contributor Salon Success, like most large and small business’ success, depends on how well you understand and utilize internet marketing. After all, how do new clients find any service or business? The Internet! If you have a salon, spa, or barbershop that…

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The Interview: Where Teambuilding Begins

by Elizabeth Fantetti, PBA Director of Membership & Association Programs As a business owner, you know all about the challenges you face while trying to make your business successful and sustainable. One of the key, yet difficult, elements to get right is hiring employees with…

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