Staying Connected to Older Clients in the Digital Age

by Marissa Porcaro, PBA Director of Marketing and Communications As marketing strategies head down a more technical path, it’s astounding to see how many people can be reached with the click of a button. An equally important result of this is who is potentially being…

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Beyond the Chair: A Checklist for Your Bottom Line

by Elizabeth Fantetti, PBA Director of Membership and Association Programs Are you spending too much time working in your salon rather than on running your salon? Operating a successful and profitable business is no easy task. Location, team members, culture and service prices are only…

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Industry Tradeshows Remain Viable Marketing Strategy

by Eric Z Horn, CMP, PBA Associate Executive Director, Business Development In just about every industry around the world, exhibiting at trade shows is a tried-and-true tradition for companies big and small. Trade shows remain an extremely effective marketing activity to reach highly targeted buyers…

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