PBA Conference Centers on Distribution Trends, Issues in Changing Market

Plans for 2013 Event in Motion By Jessi Marshall, PBA Director of Education and Industry Programs The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) hosted its first annual Distributor Executive Conference this past April in Renton, WA, graciously hosted by Sydney Berry and George Learned at Salon Services…

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Team-Based Social Media Marketing?

Profit On-Line From Your Team’s Experience Behind the Chair by Steve Gomez, Guest Contributor In today’s day and age, it seems everyone is posting, tweeting, blogging, texting and, yes, still emailing. By now most salons and spas are using multiple social media platforms to promote…

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What Are You Worth? Why Under-Reporting Income Doesn’t Add Up

by Myra Irizarry, PBA Director of Government Affairs There is a common misconception among non-beauty professionals that being a cosmetologist is not a serious career. The majority of people sitting in your chair don’t know you went to school, don’t realize the ethics and safety…

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