Building Your Brand: Wisdoms From Beauty Leader Vivienne Mackinder

courtesy of Vivienne Mackinder Whether you are filling your own books or running a full team, your brand tells your clients who you are and what they can expect from you. We asked the legendary Vivienne Mackinder – educator, master artist, and founder and leader…

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The Bad Boss: Causes and Solutions

by Nicole Armstrong, Esq, Guest Contributor What should you do when you realize your boss is standing in the way of your professional happiness? It’s easy to just write off a “bad boss” as a hopeless case but the truth is that person might simply…

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To Protect and Serve: What You May Not Know About Your State Board

by Myra Irizarry, PBA Director of Government Affairs The professional beauty industry is full of misperceptions. And the role and function of State Boards of Cosmetology is often right in the middle of them. Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering how to handle a particular situation…

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