Partner to Profit: Distribution Key to Manufacturer Success

by Kelley McCarthy, PBA Education & Training Manager | BeautyU Host Manufacturing has been in the spotlight recently with political candidates eager to talk about the economy and its outlook. In the last two years, 429,000 manufacturing jobs were added to the nation’s economy and…

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Overlooked Opportunity: Turn Your Front Desk Into a Profit Center

by Amy Carter, Guest Contributor Is your front desk making you money? Or do you view it as a non-profit center within your salon/spa? When most salon/spa owners are asked that very question, they would say I don’t really know. Did you know the front…

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What TO Retail, What NOT to Retail… That is the Question

By Julie Shepperly, Guest Contributor According to the 2012 GreenBook, salons are narrowing their retailing efforts and focusing on their strengths as hair care professionals. Retailing of products not related to hair care such as jewelry, clothing and books was down across the board. Additionally, the…

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