You are Never Through Learning: The Importance of Continuing Education

By Laura Armenta, PBA Marketing and Communications Coordinator The beauty industry evolves at an alarming rate and staying up-to-date on trends, styles, fashion, and technique is crucial to your success. Continuing your education throughout the course of your career will give you the knowledge you…

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Protect Your License, Keep Beauty Professional

By Bridget Sharpe, PBA Manager of Government Affairs Deregulation is currently one of the most dangerous threats to the professional beauty industry. State legislators make the decision whether or not to keep state boards of cosmetology intact. In just a few months, legislation that would…

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The Changing Face of the Beauty Industry and the Professional Channel

by Carrie Mellage, Kline & Company The beauty retailing landscape is constantly in flux and has changed dramatically in the 50+ years that Kline has been tracking the market. The consumer’s path to purchase is not always clear as offline and online shopping are more…

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