The Beauty Industry Rallies to End Domestic Violence

By Rachel Molepske, PBA Manager of Charitable Programs As a salon/industry professional, you encounter countless people from many different walks of life. The beauty of this industry is the diversity, the multitude of relationships and long-lasting friendships that are forged through the work you do…

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PBA’s State Captains Program Continues Growth, Bridges Communication Between Industry Professionals and State Legislators

by Bridget Sharpe, PBA Government Affairs Manager PBA’s State Captains are having a busy year! In 2014 alone, 227 bills have been introduced in states all across the country that are directly related to the beauty industry. PBA’s dedicated State Captains are serving as the…

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Product Diversion: Proactive, Tangible Actions to Protect from Unauthorized Online Sales by Third Parties

By Guest Contributors, Whitney Gibson and Chris Anderson, Ph.D. The dramatic growth of e-commerce and online retail stores in the 21st century quickly led to large markets for product diverters and unauthorized retailers. These parties have made significant money re-selling companies’ products online outside the…

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