by Julie Piantadosi, Guest Contributor

In the salon, there are many different personalities: Some stronger than others. We often have to work with people we would not choose as friends in our personal life. Yet we spend the best part of our days and lives spending our valuable time with our co-workers in the salon rather than the people we love at home. Therefore, it’s vital that we work with people that add happiness to our lives and make us feel positive about coming to the salon every day. But I know this not to always be the case. Sometimes the people we work alongside in the salon actually add unhappiness to our lives and make our time in the salon miserable. They are difficult people. I call these people dream takers.

Dream takers are people who actually like being miserable. They don’t support the salon owners or managers. They come to the salon purely for the pay check. Dream takers have usually lost their passion for the beauty industry and are often resentful to everyone and everything around them including the owners. They feel as though the entire world owes them something simply because they are existing!

These people love being miserable. They live yesterday -reminiscing about where they used to work. Their old boss. Their old Workplace. How wonderful live used to be!

Dream Takers feel they deserve to be paid more money in the salon simply because they are there. They feel hard done by everyone and everything. “Life’s not fair… Poor me… I never win anything… Why should I be nice because no one ever does anything for me?”

In the salon dream takers are always negative. Everything is too hard and will never work. Salon owners think these people are motivated by money that if they paid their dream taker staff they would smile more and be a part of the team but this is incorrect. These people are not driven by money. These people are driven by being miserable. They actually enjoy being negative. It’s their language. They often will blame it on something that happened in their past- remember that’s where they live- yesterday. Whether it’s from their bad upbringing or because they were hard done by someone, everything is not their fault but everyone else’s.

The real problem with dream takers is their ability and willingness to make their coworkers dream takers also. These people will suck your blood like a vampire simply to feed their own unhappiness. Misery loves company. They wake up in the morning feeling miserable. Come to the salon feeling miserable and will work very hard to make every simple person they come in contact with miserable too!

If you have a dream taker in the salon- you won’t have to look too far – dream takers are everywhere- you must be prepared for when they try to make you miserable too. And sometimes dream takers will actually make you question your own happiness. Stay very clear away of dream takers in the salon. The truth is you cannot change these people. Dream takers are not born this way. Dream takers choose their own behavior and attitude. We are all responsible for our own happiness. Don’t wait for other people to make you happy because you will be waiting forever! Only you can make yourself happy. The choices we make in life are a reflection of our own actions. We need to recognize that if something is not working for us then we need to change what we are doing. Most times WE need to be the change.

We are often lead to believe that if we attend a seminar or go to a workshop, see a motivational speaker we will then be motivated and transformed into a new positive person. Unfortunately there is no magic fairy dust. There is no quick fix to happiness and success. It’s a process. Change can only begin to happen when we can recognize our own behavior and want to change.

Success is not an event. You don’t show up to an event and get fixed! Success is a process. And we are not measured by how successful we are by how many possessions we have or how much money we have.True success is how successful we are at life. Success is measured by our own happiness.

And finally- stay away from the dream takers in your salon and in your life! Don’t waste a minute of your day focusing on their behavior rather focus on your needs and what action you need to take to live a truly happy successful life.

About the Author

Julie Piantadosi is a successful business coach and in-demand motivational speaker specializing in the beauty industry. Her exhilarating seminars have transformed and empowered salon owners around the world, highlighting what it takes to make the shift from ordinary to extraordinary. Julie owns a chain of salon, has sold over 5 million copies of her DVDs and products, and is the CEO of Total Salon Solutions. Learn more at here or contact