While overall sales were slower in third quarter 2012 when compared to first and second quarters, according to the 2012 third quarter PBA Distributor Benchmarking Survey, year-over-year results were positive for a majority of respondents. As broader trends continue to vary month-by-month based on the overall direction of the industry, distributors overall are experiencing growth and remain optimistic for the future.

“In spite of an industry-wide slowing in the third quarter, distribution still showed modest growth. Distributors also continued to add lines and stores and are anticipating a stronger fourth quarter,” said Steve Neumaier, president of Goldwell New York and chair of the PBA task force charged with managing the Quarterly Distributor Benchmarking Survey.

The quarterly survey includes information on five primary business sections: sales, product lines, stores, employees, and education. The Survey is designed to provide beauty industry distributors of all sizes with valuable data to help benchmark their organization against others and be a useful tool in making important business decisions. Providing both quantitative and qualitative data, the PBA Quarterly Distributor Benchmarking Survey offers real-world information distributors need to succeed in today’s changing and challenging business environment.

Look for results from the fourth quarter 2012 in mid-February 2013 at probeauty.org/research. Contact elizabeth@probeauty.org if you are interested in participating in future quarterly surveys or would like to take part in the Biennial Distributor Benchmarking Survey.

Highlights from the Third Quarter 2012 PBA Quarterly Distributor Benchmarking Survey:

  • Of the distributors who reported a sales gain between the third quarters of 2011 and 2012, the median increase was 12 percent.
  • Nineteen percent of reporting distributors added a nail product line to their portfolio.
  • The nail category continues to be one of the fastest growing and most popular product segments.

“We are delighted to report that the number of distributors responding to the survey continues to grow each quarter. Many of our members find the content to be invaluable. The report not only allows them to benchmark their results against other independent distributors, it provides insight into upcoming trends and potential new revenue streams,” said Elizabeth Fantetti, PBA’s director of membership and association programs.

The PBA Quarterly Distributor Benchmarking Survey is complimentary to all participating distributors; $50 for non-responding PBA Distributor Members; and $79 for PBA Manufacturer Members. To learn more about membership in the Professional Beauty Association, call 800.468.2274 or visit probeauty.org.