Have you checked your license lately? The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) strives to maintain the highest integrity for the industry and recommends beauty professionals take a moment this month to double check that all required professional licenses are current. While the vast majority of beauty professionals and salon/spa owners are diligent in maintaining up-to-date licenses with state and local governments, even the most conscientious of us can make an honest mistake, a mistake, however, that could result in fines, the closure of a business for an extended period of time, and be a big hit to your reputation.

Take for example the Andre Chreky Salon in Washington, D.C.  As one of the city’s highest profile salons where many leading politician’s and power brokers have their hair cut, colored and styled, Andre Chreky and his wife, Serena, are diligent salon owners. Serena has even served on PBA’s Salon & Spa Leadership Council and is active in PBA’s government affairs initiatives.

A few years ago, they realized the license of one of their employees had expired and hadn’t been renewed. Having always been contentious about licensing and high-professional standards, it simply fell through the cracks. In the process of correcting the issue, the salon was fined and the issue ended up taking up much more valuable time that could have been spent on their business to correct.

“I make it a point to regularly check the status of licenses in our salon. Spending a few minutes to check is worth avoiding the aggravation of having to correct an issue in the future,” states Serena Chreky. “Set a reminder every April to check your license and that of your neighbor!”

Most state regulatory boards have an online component via their website to check the status of a license. If your license is current, set a reminder for yourself in your phone and with your reservation specialist so that you know when it’s time to renew and remind workers to do the same.

Salon and spa owners must also guarantee any employee who has moved from another state has met the requirements for license reciprocity (if available). While there is no standard for license reciprocity, and in many cases it does not exist between states, the law must be followed and a new license must be obtained.

Maintaining the integrity of the beauty industry requires that we continue to meet the high professional standards that are the hallmark of our industry.