Many thanks to all who participated in the October 2012 PBA poll on Holiday/Seasonal/Themed Promotions and sharing your insights on this topic. We usually include your narrative comments at the end of the survey findings, but this month you will find them in the PBA Resource Spotlight. Your ideas and lessons learned are the great resources for your colleagues and your work is an inspiration for others in the industry.

In order to differentiate my business from that of the big box retailers, I feel it is also an absolute must not to sell the gift sets they have, but to focus on what we do that is unique.” ~ Survey respondent

Here is what you said:

Nearly half of respondents (46.3%) identify themselves as salon owners or managers, and almost a third (29.6%) are licensed beauty professionals.
What is your primary role in the industry? Response Percent
Salon/Spa Owner or Manager 46.3%
Cosmetologist/Licensed Beauty Professional 29.6%
Manufacturer 13.0%
Distributor 7.4%
Associate or Other 3.7%
Two-thirds indicate they offer these promotions, but one quarter (25.9%) experience mixed success. Less than 10% (9.3%) do not utilize this kind of marketing activity.
Holiday, seasonal and/or themed promotions and events are: Response Percent
Successful and a regular part of my annual marketing plan 38.9%
Something I do but with mixed success 25.9%
Something I want to do, but haven’t done yet 14.8%
Something I’ve done in the past, but not this year 3.7%
Something I’ve tried in the past with mixed/no success 7.4%
Not a part of my annual marketing plan 9.3%
Most poll participants identify winter as the time when they experience successful results (combined 90.3%) from seasonal promotions. The least successful holiday, seasonal or themed promotions take place in summer (39.3%).
What time(s) of the year do you market holiday, seasonal and/or themed promotions, and which are the most successful? Very successful Somewhat successful Least successful Not offered
Winter 41.9% 48.4% 3.2% 6.5%
Spring 16.7% 63.3% 13.3% 6.7%
Summer 14.3% 39.3% 39.3% 7.1%
Fall 14.8% 63.0% 11.1% 11.1%
The greatest number of survey respondents indicate that holiday, seasonal or themed promotional activities increase net sales by 5% to 10%, and over a quarter (c0mbined 25.9%) say it’s even greater than that.
What average net sales percentage increase can you attribute to this activity? Response Percent
Less than 5% 16.1%
5-10% 48.4%
11-25% 19.4%
Over 25% 6.5%
None or negative % 3.2%
Not sure 6.5%

After reviewing these results, be sure to visit the PBA Resource Spotlight page for great survey respondent ideas and suggestions, along with 5 Tips for Success in launching your own seasonal promotional campaigns.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey. Our December poll is on health insurance:  Do you have it? Do you want it? What are your barriers, if any, to health insurance and health care? Share your experiences in the current poll. The results will be reported in the next issue of PBA Progress.

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