Finding the right insurance plan can be daunting. PBA invites its independent professional members to learn more about its new insurance benefit and find answers to these questions:

Why do I need Liability Insurance?

• Do I need both General Liability and Professional Liability Coverage?

• Am I getting a fully insured policy issued in my name or only a group certificate?

• What about my equipment and supplies, can they be insured?

• What is Abuse Coverage and why do I need it?

• What services are covered?

• How quickly can I get my coverage started?

• Can I speak with someone that understands me and my profession if I have questions?

“What is Professional Liability coverage? What is General Liability coverage? Do I need both?”

An easy way to think about these two types of coverage is that Professional Liability relates to the services you perform and how you perform them, while General Liability relates to the environment you are performing the services within.

Professional liability insurance protects you as an individual from financial disaster from any claims made against you for errors, omissions, bodily injury and/or neglect in the professional services you provide to clients.  Cosmetologists, estheticians, nail technicians, barbers, educators and massage therapists operating as independent contractors are at risk if they are not protected by this type of coverage.

General Liability protects you if someone slips, falls or sustains any loss or injury as a result of something directly related to you, your services or physical environment, such as: tripping over your broom, slipping on water on the floor, or spilling dye on your client’s clothing. It also protects against any physical damage to the space where you personally work.

Ideally, an independent beauty professional will have both kinds of insurances. Not maintaining either of these coverages leaves your assets vulnerable and can be quite costly or much worse.

“With some insurance programs, I only receive a certificate in my name as part of the group.  With this program, am I getting a fully insured policy issued in my name, or only a group certificate?”

With this program, your policy is issued in your name and NOT as part of a group, which means you aren’t at the mercy of what the group policy holder does or the claims experience of other individuals in the group. You are guaranteed protection up to your policy limit and not subject to a group annual certificate maximum.

“What is abuse coverage and why do I need it?”

Abuse Coverage protects you if you are accused of touching a client inappropriately while they are receiving professional services from you.  Abuse Coverage is available at limits of $100,000 Occurrence/$300,000 Aggregate.

“Can I get coverage for my equipment?”

Yes, you can even insure your equipment! In most states, coverage is available for your equipment and supplies. The coverage is even designed to go with you where ever you take your items, whether in the salon or on site at the client’s location.

An example of equipment to cover includes: IPL Machines, Sheers, Hand Hair Dryers, Brushes, Colors, Perms, Makeup Kits and even a laptop computer.

“What services are covered?”

You can be covered for services including, hair, nails, massage, skin care services, electrolysis, body wrap technicians, Salon/Barber, ear piercing technician, esthetician, permanent makeup, tanning/airbrush, teeth whitening and many other services.

“How much insurance can I get and how quickly can I get my coverage started?”

The program insures thousands of independent beauty professionals just like you. Abbey Insurance offers high limits: up to $1,000,0000 Occurrence/$1,000,000 Aggregate on the Professional Liability and $1,000,0000 Occurrence/$2,000,000 Aggregate on the General Liability. Abuse Coverage is available at limits of $100,000 Occurrence/$300,000 Aggregate.

The process is fast with easy quotes and online enrollment.  For a free, no obligation quotation, visit

“I have more questions.  Who can I contact?”

Our partner, Abbey Insurance & Tax Services, has been providing insurance services for over 28 years, and has worked with the National Cosmetology Association and the Professional Beauty Association for nearly 10 years.

Have Questions?

Call 800.655.4PBA (4722).  A licensed representative will respond between 8:00am and 7:00pm Central Time M-F (except holidays) to help you design the coverage you need!