The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is proud to announce its platinum sponsorship of the first annual 2to10 Project Leadership Conference. Taking place May 5-6, 2013 in Chicago, IL, this event brings together successful salon and spa owners who have two to 10 locations to explore the results of 2to10’s 2012 study, including indsutry best practices, business strategies and success stories of members/participants.

The 2to10 project started out as a benchmarking study for multi-location salon and spa owners with between 2 and 10 locations. Salon Today interviewed 2to10 Project Founder and CEO Tom Kuhn regarding the focus of this venture where he stated, “Salon Operations with between two and 10 locations represent 80 percent of the chain business, but this category of salon business is not very defined. Most benchmarking information is only available for single operations or large chains – not much benchmarking has been done for this group.”

The original study brought together a group of salon and spa owners where they opened up their books to Kuhn to evaluate what works and what doesn’t. The study focuses to identify benchmarks in areas such as profitability, client acquisition and retention, sales, cost control and much more.

Due to the success of the study and the increased interest in participation, the 2to10 project has evolved into a member program and is rapidly growing. For 2013, membership was limited to 45 companies, 50 percent of which are current PBA members. The Leadership Conference will be a great opportunity for members to network and gain insight and education from industry professionals that truly know this specific market.

PBA will be exhibiting at the 2013 2to10 Leadership Conference. For more information about what PBA membership can do for your business, please visit

Only 2to10 members are able to participate in the study and attend the annual conference. To become a 2to10 member, visit for information on the application process.

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