As we ring in the New Year, PBA would like to take the opportunity to celebrate just a few of its many accomplishments from 2011 and initiatives as we move into 2012:

Code of Ethics and Best Practices

PBA leadership has crafted a Code of Ethics and Best Practices for the Beauty Professional/NCA and Salon/Spa sections to help guide professionals, enhance team morale and loyalty and to help recruit outstanding employees.

Distributor Benchmarking Survey

As one of many PBA research initiatives, an updated version of the Distributor Benchmarking Survey has been released allowing distributor section members to accurately assess the business landscape and make informed decisions on hiring, compensation, product trends and more. Available only to distributor and manufacturer members. Click here for details.

PBA Member Survey

The professional staff and leadership at PBA want to hear from our members. That is why in 2011, PBA has completed its first-of-its-kind survey since the merger of PBA with NCA in 2010. The results have helped PBA gain the pulse of its membership, identifying wants, needs and opportunities to improve programs.

Student Leaders Task Force

With student membership growing an unprecedented 150% throughout 2011, PBA has formed a student task force to determine how to improve the membership experience for its student sector and will unveil its new student-specific membership experience in 2012.

PBA Member Benefits

As part of its Benefit Provider program, PBA is pleased to announce a partnership with Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants to help members find the best health insurance providers and individual and group coverage. Learn more about this and other PBA Benefit Providers.

PBA Membership Tile

PBA members should be proud that they belong to one of the most respected beauty organizations in the nation. To show this dedication to the rest of the industry, PBA has developed a PBA Member Tile for members to proudly display on their websites and printed marketing pieces.

Beauty Professional/NCA Listserve

Networking is key to a successful career. That’s why PBA is pleased to announce the launch of its new Listserve for the Beauty Professional/NCA membership section. This forum allows for powerful peer-to-peer conversations and a place to bounce ideas off like-minded colleagues.

For more information and details about PBA and what membership can do for you and your company, visit or call 800.468.2274. We wish you all a very, very happy and prosperous New Year!