by Bridget Sharpe, PBA Manager of Government Affairs

You’ve worked hard for your career. Obtaining your license is the turning point that signifies the start of your future, and is so much more than just a point of pride that prominently hangs in your work station. The long hours, hard training, and exams have helped shape you into the professional you are today.

PBA’s I Am A Professional. I Am Licensed. movement brings together licensed industry professionals across the U.S. to send a clear message to clients, law makers, and the rest of the industry that licensed professionals have met all the requirements to ensure competency verified by testing. In addition to cutting and styling techniques, cosmetology education covers subjects such as chemistry, biology, and business ownership. Industry professionals have a full understanding of human anatomy, proper tool sanitizing methods, and potential risks involved with mixing chemicals.

The Threat

Unfortunately, the threat of industry deregulation is very real. Legislation that would deregulate the cosmetology industry has already been introduced across the U.S. If deregulation were to become a reality, every industry professional would be affected – service providers and salon owners to manufacturers and distributors. Industry standards would plummet. But it is the consumers who would possibly run the greatest risk. They would be completely exposed to those individuals who practice cosmetology without the proper training and license. Deregulation could also mean the potential threat of disease, since stylist/salon owners would not be required to sanitize equipment. There would be no one to report violations to, and no safety codes to uphold. Deregulation would mean stylists or salon owners would not be required to complete the necessary schooling, giving untrained professionals free rein to practice cosmetology on the public.

The Plan

It is imperative to educate the public on the importance of keeping the beauty industry regulated. We can protect the careers of those who have worked hard to obtain a license, and continue to hold industry standards in the highest regard. The I Am Movement facilitates communication by providing helpful talking points the stylist can share with clients about the risks associated with unlicensed service providers.

Join the Movement

With over 650 members and counting, PBA’s I Am A Professional. I Am Licensed. movement will continue on the mission to educate stylists, manufacturers, distributors, salon owners, and the public. It is imperative that members of the beauty industry and the public know about the risks and hazards that come along with deregulation.

Join the movement for free and PBA will send you a free window cling to display in your work space and talking points to help educate your clients and reassure them that they are in the hands of a professional.

About the Author

Bridget Sharpe is the manager of government affairs for the Professional Beauty Association (PBA). PBA advocates for the rights of every member and is dedicated to tracking, introducing and responding to legislation at both the state and federal levels with potential to affect the beauty industry. Along with our Government Advocacy program, PBA provides our members with Education, Signature Events, Charitable Outreach, Research and Business Resources. Visit for more information.